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Old stock sale! 

Save big on a 2023 control box with new parts!

The perfect Crystal Bed at the perfect value. This unit is a refurbished unit from old stock. We have had this sitting on our shelves since early 2022 and we need to make space. 

The unit features most of the same items as the 2024 models with a few differences.


Items that are the same as the 2024 model:

  • BRAND NEW massage table

  • BRAND NEW lightbar (which is the most important part of system)

  • BRAND NEW transducers (parts under table that vibrate)

  • BRAND NEW headphones

  • BRAND NEW cables/wires

  • BRAND NEW music player

  • BRAND NEW eye pillow

  • BRAND NEW crystals (yes, same crystals as the $12.900.00 model)

  • BRAND NEW carry case (soft and hard)

  • infrared lights

  • main system lights

  • automatic frequency adjustment of the PEMF

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