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These questions are for the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed only. The Crystal Lites system is answered on a per basis

 We  Q: Can anyone use the crystal bed?
A: Anyone except pregnant women and/or people with pacemakers*.
*pacemakers are required to have 6 inches or greater distance from transducers under the table

Q: Can I do remote sessions with the bed?
A: Yes. The client must send you something with their DNA or a picture. However, the most effective way is to have at least one session in person to create the partial quantum lock with the crystal bed. After that, hair, photos, or personal items work best placed under the crystals.

Q: Is jewelry okay to wear?
A: Gemstones and crystals are great; metal and electronics are not as great

Q: Can I use a Biomat or other InfraRed device with the bed?
A: Yes

Q: Can I use other scalar wave devices with the bed?
A: Yes

Q: Can I do Reiki or other forms of woo-woo with the Crystal bed?
A: Yes, as long as its woo-woo ;)

Q: Can I use a QXCI / SCIO / Indigo / En Vision or other quantum software systems with the crystal bed?
A: Yes, please! The effects of using both simultaneously are great.

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: There may be a die-off of microbes or clearing of old energy patterns, but on the whole, people feel great afterward.  Medications and OTC drugs may become more bio-available. Please consult your doctor if you experience any changes in your well-being

Q: What is scalar?
A: A system of energy that has no measurement in traditional science. Scalar energy travels through all known objects yet alters each object's coherence with other energy. Scalar can be generated when the same (like sound) vibration and frequency create an equal and opposite wave, thereby canceling out the original form and leaving the scalar energy. Scalar energy naturally occurs and is theorized to be energy between electrons of the atoms. 

Q: Can I use my own headphones?
A: Yes. However, the Headphones provided do have the greatest frequency range while providing a good degree of noise blocking.  We do not recommend the use of Noise Cancelling Headphones. The noise canceling effects can interact with the transducers and block some of the sound.

Q: Can I play any music?
A: Yes. However, the massage table may not feel as good as when using the music made for the crystal bed.

Q: I want to play my own music and just the binaural beats. How do I do that?
A: get a second music player and use a "Y" audio 3.5mm connector to connect the two players. The first player is the one that came with the bed, and the second is the one you supply. (a "Y" audio connector is commonly referred to as a "headphone splitter," but you are using it to share the music coming into the bed, not two headphones)

Q: Can I play just sounds and not lights?
A: Yes, don't turn on the lights

Q: Can I play just the headphones and not the vibrations on the bed?
A: Yes. Just turn down the volume on the bed

Q: Why are some of the sound files a different format than others
A: During the design of the sound files, we had originally made them a certain way and over the course of the years, we have changed them to reflect a different direction. 

Q: What are the frequencies the system uses?
A: The sound files main frequency is 111Hz followed by a dozen others. We use extensive binaural beats that generate frequencies in all the brain wave states. The frequency generator; which is separate from the sound, can make any frequency between 0.01Hz – 2Mhz

Q: What does the frequency generator on the front panel actually control?
A: The frequency generator controls the magnetic field (PEMF)  inside the vogel holders.

Q: Can the tripod be positioned on either side of the table?
A: Yes

Q: How much space does the system take up?
A: With a regular sized message table, the tripod and table takes up approx 4ft/1.2m x 6ft/1.8m

Q: Can I get a second massage table setup so I don't have to bring it back and forth?
A: Yes. please contact Quantum Resonance or your distributor for details

​Q: What is the overall size with massage table?
A: 4' x 6'  OR 120cm x 182cm​

Q: How much does the whole system weigh?
A: The three piece assembly weighs approx. 85 Lbs. / 38 Kg.

  • Hard carry case is 20 Lbs. / 9 Kg.

  • Soft carry case is 20 Lbs. / 9 Kg.

  • Massage table is typically 50 Lbs. / 22 Kg.

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