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The story of the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed​​

By: Innovative Medicine


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By Allie Jones 6/2017


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Peter Sage 11//23

DOROTHY COE​ (this one is long but worth it) My name is Dorothy Coe, I live in Perth Western Australia and I am blessed to own a Quantum Resonance Crystal Light + Sound and Vibration Bed. I believe this product to be the best available on the world market and offer some of my own story to support this. I have been practicing the Art of Sound and Vibration for more than 20 years, I hold a Diploma in Sound and Vibration Therapy and am a qualified Trainer/Assessor. I have also been inducted in two Halls of Fame in recognition of my work in Health and Healing. I’ve been privileged to have been taught by the most outstanding teachers who have shared their knowledge with me. My first teacher was “Uncle” Bob Randall, Custodian of Uluru and Australia’s representative Songman to the UN sponsored Songman Circle of Wisdom. Bob taught me for almost a year before it was necessary that I also have a lady teacher who could teach me Women’s Business. Aboriginal people recognise Mens Business and Womens Business separately, he wanted me to receive more than he could give. Bob had been considering the right person to help me and bought me to Dr Joan Winch AM (Australia Medal) an Aboriginal Elder from my own land. Joan had recently retired after serving in The World Health Organisation for many years. As well as her medical background Joan was an Elder and a Medicine Woman, she was a beacon of light and a tower of love as well as being very funny. My third teacher was Martial Arts Grand Master Ramon Lawrence OAM (Order of Australia Medal). The AM and OAM are awarded annually in recognition to outstanding service to the community and the country. So, my teachers were a Songman, a Medicine Woman and a Grand Master – all people with extraordinary knowledge and long history of service, helping me build Sound and Vibration as a healing modality. At that time there was no sound healing in my city, with the help of my Elders and teachers we opened to the public in 2006. My husband Kerry, built a sound chamber for us to work in, this was built to Indigenous knowledge in the form of a tepee, it was 8M high, 8M Diameter and comprised 8 winged panels with a 1.5M perforated cone at the top to allow vibration to leave the chamber. The chamber was clad in copper sheet. Here I worked with gongs and crystal singing bowls, often accompanied by Didgeridoo. I work my gongs with given symbols and combine harmonies with at least three gongs and no less than two people, it is important that the harmony be constant and the vibration building strength over first 10 minutes and holding that strength for 40 minutes before scaling it down over another 10 minutes. A law of physics is “continued and sustained harmony fed into a field of disharmonu will harmonise that field”. This process carried every person to absolute stillness and time of no time, it allowed for each person’s body to be its own best healer, what we did was feed the cleansing and healing vibrations to empower that work, the sound component entrained rapidly and induced Theta brain waves. After a few years word was spreading about my work and many Professional people visited from well-known and prestigious as well as universities we were not aware of. I even had a visit from a Prof Nuclear Physics at the Pentagon, he was also a Grand Master Martial Arts. Sensei Ramon Lawrence introduced Japanese Sensei to my process and after much questioning from many such people Due Diligence was undertaken over a period of years through which time I was formally recognised as a Master of Gong and some years later inducted into the Australian Martial Arts Hall of Fame and The World Karate Union Hall of Fame in recognition of Health and Healing support within the Martial Arts Industry. I was able to unite several senior Scientists, Martial Artists and Aboriginal Elders and Healers who like me believe that the sharing of knowledge is growth and unity. To sit at a table with these people as they shared and enjoyed fellowship was a great privilege. Spirit was central to all of this and many hours were spent sharing and learning. The coming together of such elite athletes with Elders and tribal people of rank was truly inspiring, respect for one another was high and as knowledge was shared there was recognition of common ground and agreement between them. My teachers and our sound chamber were extraordinary grounding and learning for me. Over many years I gathered outcomes from guests and matched them to the numbered positions in our chamber, the chamber had 14 “beds” laid in numbered positions. My challenge was to understand the different outcomes in each position. Over several years we were able to identify positions that best served life threatening illness, respiratory, heart and, neurological conditions, others were more appropriate to stress and anxiety we also had another position that allowed people who claimed to be claustrophobic to come to total peace and comfort. Eventually we began to map every session, clients all completed a mandatory form where any existing conditions were recorded and these were placed first in our floor map. Each person was guided to mapped position. Whilst we did our best to understand the Hz received in each position it appeared that this moved around the chamber although some positions received more of some given sounds. What I could not do was be precise in Hz and Frequency which is the essential element in serious sound healing, already in our sound chamber I was working with transplant recipients coming for their first visit outside of hospital, they returned to hospital after their treatments, numerous cancer clients, infertility, MND, MS and many other serious conditions including ambulance transfers for some., I also worked for several years with a team of students in a hospital dedicated to Acquired Brain Injury. As well we regularly took our instruments to Camp Quality (Cancer children under 13) and CanTeen (cancer young people 13-25). The profound impact of sound and vibration never ceased to amaze us all, we have seen many miracles. My search to be precise took me on a deep internet search and I found the amazing Quantum Resonance system, this was exactly what I wanted and very soon had the first unit in Australia. It was the perfect addition to our Sound Business and in use every day. Eventually the property we worked from was sold as the owner retired. At that time, I was approaching 70 years old and grudgingly agreed it was time for me to retire also. This lasted just a few weeks, I had intended to use the QR system at home for my husband, myself and our family but was constantly being called upon to help someone in need, I would never say no if was able to help and before we knew it we had a busy home business. Over the past years I have worked from home with an increasing number of clients. I am now in a position where I don’t work with recreational or mild care needs but refer those people to other operators. My work now is with “at risk” clients ranging from Veterans of combat, Neurological disorders, and largely, other carer such as social workers. Covid has left many countries with after effects and Australia, whilst not as severe as other countries also suffer these after effects. I have a large number of Social Workers and other support people; their work loads are exhausting and they are very depleted. Often, they have clients who need immediate care and the wait lists for such care can be lengthy. They bring me numerous people ranging from traumatic rape through other violent incidents, unresolved grief and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I also work with people with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy and Cystic Fibrosis. My client’s range in age from 4yo to 90yo. I need to say here that because I have qualifications recognised by our Government, I meet the insurance and taxation requirements of professional clients. I still love to work with my gong, I have a 36” Symphonic gong at the end of my QR bed allowing for the feet of my client to be encapsulated in the gong space (we have more than 7,000 nerve endings in the soles of our feet), I begin work with my client by using some Aboriginal Bush Medicine on the soles of their feet and deliver a small foot massage/acupressure from the base of the calves to cover the soles of the feet. This causes the body nerve system to be aware and open the pathways for my client to receive vibration. I then spend 5 minutes working my gong in a way that best serves the needs of my client. The vibration of the gong will do two things, firstly it will pass through the nerve endings in the feet and carry right up to the brain, secondly it will cause a tunnel like, cleansing field of vibration to pass through their energy field. The vibrations of the gong are heavier than the Human Energy Field, by cleansing this field my client will better receive the deep purity of the healing vibrations it is about to receive. The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed is the only system I have found that covers all my needs, I am able to easily adjust the Hz and Frequencies as desired and work with individual settings for every client. I like to program settings for each client which this system easily allows, I also constantly use the light settings, there are times such as an 11you with Cystic Fibrosis who had compacted congestion in the lower lobe of his left lung, using 40Hz and red lights he eliminated half of this congestion after his first session, it was three weekly treatments before the other half was eliminated. The quality of life for this child has been restored. These same settings have also allowed a lady suffering chronic Fibromyalgia to wean off her pain blockers after more than 40 years, again, quality of life restored. Every week I work with a 4yo child who has multiple disorders including global disability and Cerebral Palsy, this little girl often arrives with fist clenched and body tension which prohibits the efficient flow of blood and energy causing discomfort as well as other problems, within 10 minutes she is completely loosed and relaxed, for this child her sessions are far more. Children such as her are very limited in activity, she can’t play at the park or enjoy the activities other children enjoy and her sessions on the QR bed are also an enjoyable recreational activity for her. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Whilst I choose to work as I do I must point out I have many years of experience working with sound and researching the effects of different levels of sound where it is so badly needed. For most people this would sound complicated but the system is foolproof for the inexperienced. Most soundtracks are already programmed with the most appropriate settings, all that is needed is to turn on the program and hit play, anyone with a heart to give and help others through challenging or difficult times can safely and effectively operate the Quantum Resonance Crystal Light bed. I am truly grateful for Shinindon Keogh for his amazing work building each unit by hand and with intent, and establishing them around the world. Dorothy Coe +61 409 911 547

AURELIA TAYLOR ​" Loved that both sound and crystalline energies were involved in the experience. Also, experienced a deep throat chakra opening near the end of session and felt life force outside my toes the entire session which leads me to believe that the bed is working many multiple levels including this physical one. I do recommend to everyone interested in spiritual growth." Thank You. Aurelia Taylor

PRISCILLA PARHAM ​I purchased an Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed as an addition to my Vibrational Healing practice . I started out using the crystal bed everyday. I found it very relaxing with an increase of vivid & lucid dreams. My body went into a major detox with an outbreak of rashes due to die-off. When I changed my crystal bed sessions to every other day, my body's reactions eased and I was able to detox at a slower pace that brought more ease to my body. I have been able to experiment with different frequencies programmable while using the bed. Personally I find 432Hz to be my favorite, it increases overall happiness. My clients report being happy for no reason at all and can't wait for their next appointment. My other favorite is 111Hz I find just an overall sense of peace & satisfaction, no need to push against anything or anyone. I've had clients report mystical experiences and some just have a very quiet experience where nothing seemingly happens until hours or days later. I am aware that when I go a number of days without a session my body let's me know that it is time to get back on the bed. It gets excited by the mere thought of a session. The Resonance Bed has been a profound addition to my practice and my life. I look forward to the addition of new music files. ​ Priscilla Parham

LINDA RYEL ​There is nothing like this experience. I laid upon a comfortable bed and above me glowed a light source of Atlantian crystals combined with the appropriate gem stone for each of the chakra’s. I chose my own arrangement of music to be played in the headset that covered my ears. In a moment’s time my body came into energetic alignment and my cells began to pulsate. A calming peace came over my body and mind. I began to experience multi-level and dimensional visions as my energy lifted to a lighter level of being. I had visions of colored light forms running through my mind and body. I became one with all around me. I was brought back from this experience with the sounds of beautiful birds singing all around. This experience of peace and love filled my many days ahead until I allowed the world I live in to slowly take this experience from me. I am grateful to have this Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed available to me at Into Earth. Many Blessings, Linda Ryel

APRIL ​I do have to tell you, the amazing journies and healing that has been occurring with the bed. In addition to the lovely dream states and quantum healings that occur while we are on the crystal bed, people are getting visitations. I frequently feel beings giving me adjustments while I lay there, often standing at the foot of the bed, as does Drea and my lightworker family who uses the bed. We have had visits from Ascended Masters, Mother Mary, The Pleadians, Arcturians and so on! Last week, a beautiful reiki master was using the bed and she reported having her "left side of her body removed" while under the guidance of Pleadian light council and then they "regenerated" it for her. She also connected with her ancestors and did some timeline collapsing frames / clearing while in 1 session. I have many more instances to report ... all of them are just taking my breath away. Wi have so much gratitude for you and always connect our healing to source, our star families and the beautiful energies we experience while in your presence - it feels like home !

"I have just come out of my crystal bed healing session & wow ! Thank you so Much Mandy for creating this experience for all of us & I know so many are going to benefit from using this. My experience was genuinely profound and I can’t wait for my next session! I love going to see Mandy for a number of things, her knowledge & integrity is second to none and she genuinely cares so much for her clients ! Thank you so much for helping me on my journey so far."

EDWIM DAMASU "I feel refreshed and clear, like when your face is first coming out of water to breath air for the first time. At I felt part of my body moving. I felt myself opening up. I visioned myself traveling through a wormhole." ​ Edwim Damasu

JEN THOMAS ​"Thank you to Shin and his light and sound technology that gave me one of the most comprehensive healing sessions I’ve ever had. The healing device uses a combination of focused light, sound, master frequencies (like 440hz) and crystal energy to create a wonderful sonic massage for the whole body and energy field. The lighted crystals are positioned above the each chakra several inches above the body. Sound comes through headphones as well as transmitters under whatever you are laying on. The healing is not just on the physical but extends to the energetic (and quantum) as well. As the light and sound are transmitted through the crystals a field of energy is created through which quantum information and healing frequencies flow. I found myself feeling more and more relaxed as the light and sound resonated through my body. There was the sense of total centeredness, stillness and balancing of all of my chakras, meridians and physical body through the 45 minute session. It was like having a massage and a sound healing all at the same time. I’ve experienced various types of sound healing as well as massage and energy work but never in this unique combination at the same time and with such focus. If you are looking for clearing, relaxation and total healing, this is the treatment for you! If you are a healer – this device is something that can and will transform the lives of your clients in a graceful and easy manner." Jen Tomas, RMT

MARIE ​For months I am trying to put into words my incredible experiences and life changing results followed on the crystal table. Now I can clearly see from a distance what really took place. I will not attempt to describe the travels in dimensions with loving entities since the language is inadequate. Connections opened and still opening. My life is on new and faster tracks. I am glad that I came with open heart mind and soul to the sessions because no way i could have imagined what happened. For twenty five years I suffered a condition that affected the right side of my head ear and neck. Lots of pain. No remedy or healing method helped. I did not ask for healing on the table for this condition since I gave up long ago. I felt a slight energy movement on this affected area and following a fine dust like sand drained from my ear for weeks. Very strange. All symptoms stopped and not returned. Not only the physical but mental and emotional memory is also lifted. The magic of the table and your loving guidance and insights lifted lifetimes of old energies from my physical mental emotional and energy fields. I believe that the crystal table is the future healing method of the awakening humanity. Your work Ellowan and Shinondon are blessed. My gratitude to be guided to you. My connection to you is the deepest and most loving. Your friend through all dimensions,

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