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The Matrix Aura is the ultimate in vibrational medicine systems; combining advanced technology with the elegance of hand made craftsmanship. Our revolutionary design exceeds the standard for vibration, light, PEMF and Scalar Energy systems all the while maintaining timeless elegance and functionality. The Matrix Aura is the only system sold exclusively with our Aura Shield Faraday Cage, ensuring optimum protection and results. Indulge in the powerful and effective treatment of the Matrix Aura today and see the difference for yourself.


Exceptional Quality -  Elegant - Powerful - Timeless

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Liquid Ripples


Vibrationally Perfect

The table is made of solid oak which has a beautiful resonance & timbre when playing sound. We further refined the thickness of the table at various areas to make it play like a musical instrument. The Table follows the rules of Fibonacci or "the golden mean" which is a precise mathematical ratio for an experience like no other.  There are no dead spots or hot spots in the vibrations- the effect is simply amazing.  We added an industry leading 7 transducers for an accurate yet impactful sound. 

vibration table


SunLike Lighting

SunLike chart

We waited until science caught up with our desire for a light that mimics the sun. By utilizing 5 separate light vessels, we can send over 20,000 LUX to the client! (LUX is a measure of brightness) This is like being outdoors on a sunny day. SAD can be treated in 10 minutes. We can further adjust the brightness to create a more relaxed session. 

Additionally, we have optical quality light filters for hundreds of color combinations!  

The lightbar uses a one touch operation to raise and lower via a quiet motor. 


144 Sided Crystals

Our lighting canisters are nothing short of amazing. We use Grade AAA quartz crystal that is cut to 144 sides! Along with the 144 being based in sacred geometry, the crystal can generate far more Scalar energy than a normal 12 or 24 sided crystal. The light shines through the crystal while a PEMF coil wrapped around the crystal sends frequencies into the Scalar field being generated.  We have increased the focal energy through the use of optical grade 10x focusing lenses.

144 sided crystal


Finest Audio and Power systems


We have selected the finest power supplies and isolated the system from other electrical fields to ensure a clean energy experience.  The audio system is using balanced lines to cancel out any outside energy (from the PEMF , Scalar, and random signals ) to give a clean, true sound to the experience. The headphones and transducers are all time aligned to have the sound reach our brain at the same time. This increases the effectiveness of the frequencies being delivered.  The Mezze headphones are real wood, the music player is top tier.  Finally, the amplifiers are audiophile level power and sophistication 



Aura Shield Faraday Cage

Faraday cage curtain

The Aura Shield technology used in the Matrix Aura is a Faraday Cage. A faraday cage is a 360 degree cage that keeps electromagnetic waves like cell phone signals out. The motorized curtain is either push button or hand drawn to move. You can set the amount to open or close and when fully closed, the Aura Shield creates a safe space for you to relax.  Inside the silver & copper threaded curtain, you will find the comfort of a -85db drop in outside EMF signals- this is like having No radio waves, phone signals, microwave, 5g or anything else.

Typically, Scalar energy will amplify some of the EMF surrounding us! The Aura Shield ensures that when you are getting a session, you are getting only the session. 

* our photos do not show the top or bottom fabric to preserve the new condition.


PEMF- Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

The PEMF in our system features the Spooky X PEMF device which is the most flexible and feature rich on the market. We have pre-programmed the unit for our favorite setups but you can program your own as well. 

The PEMF has 2 channels and several ways to use it.  

  • thru the lighting system

  • handholds

  • DNA slides

  • TENS pads

  • AUX output for other ways

  • Computer input for real time PEMF protocols 

spooky x


Optical Grade Color Filters

Experience the power of color therapy with our Color Filters. The optical grade filters are the best way to balance your energy system, promote healing and improve your mental health. Our easy-to-use filters allow you to create hundreds of combinations for precise color therapy. You won't find a higher quality product on the market. Try them for yourself today!

Training Aides

In addition to the hands on training, here are some of the Matrix Aura training sheets you will receive.

Speed of Sound
Filter Selection

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