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Crystal Salt

The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed melds science and spirit in gentle and effective ways. We have created powerful, synergistic protocols that shift us from the old paradigms to new ways of being. 



(7) 24 sided Vogel type clear quartz crystals


PEMF built into the crystal holders, sending scalar energy into the crystals


Infrared LED's  for reduced inflammation


High grade vibration therapy through the transducers & headphones


14 different lighting programs in the LED's

Now With DSP Audio and more power

White Sand and Stone


  • relaxes through vibration therapy and optional far infrared mat

  • helps autoimmune disorders

  • creates positive DNA expression

  • works with cellular intelligence

  • rebuilds the subtle bodies

  • ​reduction of inflammatory markers

  • non-invasive and safe

  • suitable for all ages

  • helps sinus & migraine issues

  • clears acne and skin blemishes via deep red LED's

  • fine line and wrinkles 

  • homeostasis 

  • better sleep through binaural beats and chakra balancing

  • brain balance

  • detoxifies

  • balances Ph levels

  • plus many more benefits

Did you know?
Every crystal holder is made with intention, love, 100's of crystal chips and at least 15 different essential oils! At present, we are infusing these oils:

  • Frankincense, Lavender, Rose (Egypt), Lime Mexican, Laurel Leaf, Spikenard, Geranium, Mugwort, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Chamomile, Cypress, Bergamont, Cedar, Pine

The crystal chips present a multitude of specimens:

  • Shungite Powder, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Obsidian, Agate, Apatite, Aquamarine, clear Quartz, Auartz, Lapis, Jade, Tigers Eye, Citrine, Fluorite, Amethyst, Malachite, Jasper, plus more! 

oils & crystals

A Deeper Look

Technology You Will Love



Our PEMF technology utilizes cutting edge scalar energy to amplify the healing power of crystals. The system gently wraps each crystal in a wave of energy, creating a more effective and efficient PEMF experience. With adjustable frequency and auxiliary input capabilities, you can fine-tune your session for optimal results.


Vibration Specialist

Our Crystal Bed is the perfect way to experience the healing power of vibrational medicine. With top-of-the-line transducers for fast response and a lively feel that produce accurate vibrations, our bed offers a truly transformative experience. We also provide lightweight headphones that play even the lowest frequencies. Our amplifiers are the best in class period!  You won't find a better crystal bed anywhere else.


Binaural Beats

Experience a truly profound and immersive journey with our advanced binaural beat technology. But what are binaural beats? They're a type of sound wave therapy that stimulates the brain to promote relaxation, focus, and creativity. At Quantum Resonance, our binaural beat musical scores incorporate hundreds of frequencies, touching in on all of the brainwave states to activate 100% of the brain for a truly transformative experience.


Infrared LED's

Our Infrared LED system is a breakthrough in vibrational medicine. Unlike normal infrared LED's, our system seamlessly integrates the color into the scalar energy for faster and more effective results. The LED's are also integrated with music for even better entrainment of the body's natural rhythms. Each bright 3 watt LED has the ability to dim, so you can customize your experience to the perfect level of brightness.


Hidden Gems

Just like finding hidden gems in a special place, so too will you encounter the magic with our system. Locked away inside each vogel holder are hundreds of miniature crystals, essential oils and tensor field coils. All of these are bundled with the LED's and PEMF coils to produce the best Orgonite made.  (Orgonite naturally increases the energy)


Full Color LED's

Our Quantum Resonance Vibrational Medicine Systems use full color LED's to enhance your healing experience. With 14 color modes, including chakra and solid, you can choose the perfect color to help balance your energy. The LED's also bathe the crystals in the system, adding to the scalar potential and increasing the effectiveness of your healing session.


DSP Audio

The DSP (digital signal processing) is what you hear in movie theaters and we have spend hundreds of hours dialing in the best production for your body and ears. We are the only company to use extensive DSP processing in any vibrational therapy equipment. We now use low end sound restoration and variable bass enhancement for the most accurate vibrations. We also adjust the timing so the sound of the headphones and sound of the vibrations arrives in your brain at the same time.  We also use a variable crossover so you change how much vibration (percentage wise) will be sent to the transducers. 

Sandy Beach

The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed is the perfect addition to your vibrational medicine practice. Its rugged, professional design ensures that it can be used in any setting and its simple operation makes it easy to use for anyone. The fully adjustable tripod and feather touch swing arms provide versatility in positioning while the lightbar and massage table add to the overall relaxing experience. This portable crystal bed is designed to fit any size person, making it an asset to any healing practice.



                            NO TAX!

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