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  • 14 different light programs
  • Royal Rife type frequencies
  • 24 sided Vogel type Quartz Crystals delivering the best energy transmission
  • Deep red and Near red super bright led's (3 watts per holder) to enhance skin stimulation  640nm- 780nm
  • Gentle and effective magnetic fields pulse through the crystals, delivering energy that the cells can readily use
  • Orgone that is mixed with rare crystals, essential oils and love. All designed to support the Vogel Crystals
  • Tensor Field coils inside crystal holders for Scalar energy generation (see the works of Slim Spurling for further examples)
  • 7 types of energy transmission to address all types of people and conditions
  • Full color LED's pulsing the Vogel type Crystals- relaxing the client.
  • Many selections for colors, speed, pulsation in the lighting. 
  • Vibrating massage table designed to entrain, sooth and relax
  • Professional Over-Ear Headphones 
  • high definition music player ensures that all music files are delivered in the best quality.
  • 40+ custom made sound files keeps boredom at bay and clients coming back for more.
  • Crystal holders allows you to quickly change out crystals 
  • Plug other Rife or frequency machines into our to super charge the effect!
  • Durable design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Hand made in the USA

Crystal Bed

$14,950.00 Regular Price
$12,950.00Sale Price
    • Soothing yet energetic to the body (Low voltage DC not harmful AC)
    • Unimpeded flow of energy (Vogel crystals held in middle not top)
    • Royal Rife (Scalar waves at user defined frequencies )
    • Vibrational therapy (Two sound transducers under the message table )
    • Color light therapy that's programmable! (Color changing LED's surround crystals)
    • Infared ​Lights can be synced to music
    • Pulsing crystal therapy (through lights and magnetics the crystals are pulsed and charged)
    • 40+ custom made sound files using scalar wave and binaural beats
    • Orgone crystal holders (scalar wave generator and collector)
    • Scalar energy magnifier for faster treatment
    • Portability
    • Flexibility
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