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Calm Sea


As a married couple, Beth and Shin have integrated all aspects of the crystal beds into a beautiful synergy of a life's work.  Beth blends the sales while Shin brings forth the technical. We are located on the coast of Oregon and do all the important work in our home office. 

Our Story

We started out about 12 years ago. Back then, we lived in Colorado where there is such a vibrant buzz around all things Metaphysical. At the time, Shin was making sacred geometry artforms while Beth was giving readings, teaching Reiki and holding retreats.  We both had a love for crystal bow / gong baths, plus many other activities around the spiritual community. We had an opportunity to try a John of God crystal bed and thought it was nice, but wanted more from the experience. All of the different offerings culminated into the Crystal Bed. Once Shin said "yes" , the universe filled in the rest. Our first system came out 6 months later and the rest is our history. 


Beth's other offerings...

General Contact

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. Shin~

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