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"Exploring the Healing Power of Solfeggio Frequencies: A Guide to Integration in Your Practice"

Updated: May 22


The Solfeggio frequencies are rooted in ancient history and have significant historical and spiritual connotations. Their origin and historical significance can be traced back to early religious and musical traditions:

Historical Significance:

The Solfeggio frequencies are believed to have been used in ancient Gregorian chants, specifically in the hymn "Ut queant laxis," which was used to teach the musical scale. These chants were integral to early Christian liturgical music and were thought to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony with these frequencies.

Medieval Monks and the Solfeggio Scale:

In the 11th century, a Benedictine monk named Guido d'Arezzo developed the Solfeggio scale to aid in teaching music. The scale he created used syllables (Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La) that corresponded to the first six notes of the frequencies. These syllables were derived from the hymn mentioned earlier, with each line of the hymn starting on a different note of the scale.

Sacred Music and Healing:

These frequencies were not only used for their melodic properties but were also believed to have profound healing effects on the body and mind. The tones were thought to balance energy and keep the body, mind, and spirit in harmony. Personally, I have found the tones to be quite relaxing and beneficial to my well-being.

Rediscovery in Modern Times:

The Solfeggio frequencies were largely forgotten until the mid-1970s when Dr. Joseph Puleo, a naturopathic physician and herbalist, rediscovered them. He used mathematical calculations and numerology to bring attention to these ancient frequencies. Dr. Puleo, along with Dr. Leonard Horowitz, further explored these tones and their healing properties, leading to renewed interest and use in contemporary sound healing practices.

My Own Discovery:

About 12 years ago, I stumbled upon a website selling tuning forks with the words “Solfeggio” and other facts attached to them. I felt inspired and purchased them. As the novice of sound healing that I was, I proceeded to bang the tuning forks together to create the sound (I was later taught not to bang forks together but to use a soft rubberized device for the sound.), and they worked phenomenally well in creating a feeling of peace and serenity. I believe they also aided me in my awakening into a greater spiritual practice.

Using Solfeggio Frequencies in Your Spiritual Practice

Incorporating Solfeggio frequencies into healing sessions can be done through various methods, including listening to music, using tuning forks, singing bowls, and frequency generators. Here are some common practices included what we use at Quantum Resonance:


1. Listening to Music:

   ~ Method: Play music composed or tuned to the specific Solfeggio frequencies. Recorded tracks available on streaming services, CDs, or downloads are suitable for this. Quantum Resonance music embeds many of the Solfeggio Frequencies into their selection of powerful Binaural Beats audio tracks.

   ~ Application: Simply listen to music during meditation, relaxation, or as background music during daily activities. Headphones can enhance the experience by providing direct and immersive sound.


2. Using Tuning Forks:

   ~Method: Tuning forks tuned to Solfeggio frequencies can be struck and placed near the body or specific areas needing healing.

   ~Application: Strike the tuning fork to create a vibration, then hold it close to or touch it lightly on the area of the body you wish to heal. Move the tuning fork around the body to create a healing field of sound. We use these prior to a client getting on the system.


3. Singing Bowls:

   ~ Method: Tibetan or crystal singing bowls tuned to Solfeggio frequencies can be used. (although these can be difficult to find)

   ~ Application: Play the singing bowls by striking them or running a mallet around the rim to produce a continuous tone. Use the bowls during meditation or healing sessions, allowing the sound to resonate and fill the space.


4. Chanting or Toning:

   ~ Method: Chanting or toning using the syllables associated with the Solfeggio frequencies (e.g., Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La).

   ~ Application: Use your voice to chant the specific syllables corresponding to each frequency. This can be done individually or in a group setting, focusing on the vibrations created by the sounds.


5. Frequency Generators:

   ~ Method: Electronic frequency generators can produce precise Solfeggio frequencies such as the one found in Quantum Resonance systems. Others, such as Spooky 2, make an excellent product.

   ~ Application: Set the frequency generator to the desired Solfeggio frequency and allow it to emit the sound through the medium it is broadcasting through. These generators can often be connected to speakers for better sound distribution; however, if it is a pure tone, it can be very deleterious to your Zen.


Solfeggio Frequencies and Their Healing Applications


1. 174 Hz - Foundation and Security:

   ~Use: Apply during times of physical pain or stress. Play music or use a tuning fork near the affected area to promote pain relief and a sense of safety.


2. 285 Hz - Tissue Healing and Cellular Repair:

  ~ Use: Ideal for promoting healing of physical injuries. Use in sessions focused on recovery and cellular repair, either through listening to music or using sound tools.


3. 396 Hz - Liberating Guilt and Fear:

   ~Use: Effective for emotional healing. Play this frequency during therapy sessions, meditation, or personal reflection to release negative emotions and promote emotional balance.


4. 417 Hz - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change:

  ~ Use: Helps in overcoming negative past experiences. Use this frequency to clear away negative energy and facilitate positive changes during transformational sessions.


5. 528 Hz - Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair):

   ~Use: Known for its profound healing properties. Integrate this frequency in sessions aimed at holistic healing and transformation, especially for deep emotional and physical healing.


6. 639 Hz - Connecting and Relationships:

  ~ Use: Enhance communication and relationship-building activities. Play during counseling sessions, group activities, or personal meditation focused on improving relationships.


7. 741 Hz - Awakening Intuition:

   ~Use: Useful for detoxification and enhancing intuition. Use in sessions aimed at mental clarity and spiritual awakening, helping to clear the mind and enhance intuitive abilities.


8. 852 Hz - Returning to Spiritual Order:

   ~Use: Promote spiritual alignment and higher consciousness. Integrate this frequency into spiritual practices, meditation, or healing sessions to connect with higher states of consciousness.


9. 963 Hz - Divine Consciousness and Enlightenment:

   ~Use: Ideal for spiritual enlightenment and connecting with universal energy. Use in deep meditation sessions or spiritual practices to foster a sense of unity and enlightenment.


Practical Tips


~Consistency: Regular use of Solfeggio frequencies can enhance their effectiveness. Incorporate them into daily or weekly routines.

~Environment: Create a peaceful and comfortable environment for your healing sessions. Minimize distractions to fully immerse yourself in the healing process.

~Intent: Set a clear intention for your healing session. Whether it's physical healing, emotional release, or spiritual growth, focus on your goal while using the frequencies.

~Combination: For a holistic approach, combine Solfeggio frequencies with other healing modalities such as Reiki, yoga, massage, aromatherapy, or the crystal bed.


By using Solfeggio frequencies thoughtfully and consistently, individuals can tap into their potential benefits for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

For more information on Frequencies in general, visit We are not affiliated with Electroherbalism, nor do we use all of the frequencies in our treatment protocols. ### FDA Disclaimer


The information provided about the Solfeggio frequencies is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The statements made regarding these frequencies have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment before starting any new health practice. If you are experiencing any medical issues, please contact a healthcare professional immediately.

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