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Exploring the Power of Scalar Waves in Crystals: How Do They Work?


Since the dawn of human history, the discovery of rocks, particularly gemstones, has held a profound fascination. These captivating treasures have not only piqued our curiosity but also inspired us to delve deeper into their mysteries and even attempt to replicate their perfection. Yet, there's a hidden aspect to gemstones that often escapes our notice: their multidimensional nature, a realm of mystery and intrigue.

Crystals possess a remarkable capacity to hold, transmute, and absorb energy. They not only interact with energy in these captivating ways but also have the potential to generate scalar energy or utilize it for precise time measurement. In this article, we'll delve into the transformative power of scalar energy within crystals. Scalar energy, known by various names such as zero point, infinite, nothingness energy, and scalar, alludes to the same concept: the ability to nullify a waveform by applying an equal and opposite force. Recall your early physics lessons, where you discovered that a force cancels itself out when met with an equal and opposite force.  In this context, we're referring to frequencies and their amplitudes. My favorite analogy is with noise-cancelling headphones. Noise-canceling headphones take incoming sound and apply the opposite wave to the at sound to cancel it. The question is, where did it go?

When we cancel out a 3D waveform, it removes the 3D energy but leaves behind higher-dimensional energy that can be harnessed. This energy, no longer serving its original purpose, dissipates into the surrounding field if not contained. However, we can capture this energy by storing it in crystal matrices, directing it for even more impressive purposes. Scalar energy can pass through 3D objects because it operates at a higher dimension. When scalar information passes through a lower-dimensional object, that object takes on part of the scalar transmission. The potential of coupling specific energy systems into the scalar field is just beginning to be understood by humanity.

Crystals boast some of the most beautiful internal structures, known as sacred geometry. These shapes, repeating and compounding upon themselves, form the basis of the five Platonic solids: the cube, tetrahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, and octahedron. These repetitive structures can send energy into themselves, storing it like a battery. Thanks to the nature of sacred geometry, the energy builds without overloading, maintaining equilibrium due to the quantum nature of a higher-dimensional field and those "many faces." When crystals are exposed to specific fields, they begin generating scalar energy. Before we explore which types of energy best suit humans, let's take a closer look at these shapes.

We see the specific shapes of the Platonic solids inside the crystal, but what happens when we cut shapes into the outside of the crystal, creating external geometry? Like a mirror reflecting light or energy, a crystal with specific external shapes can reflect energy internally. By shaping the outside, we create internal reflections—think of it as esoteric bodywork.

Just as we developed lenses for microscopes to observe the smallest particles and telescopes to view distant stars, precise shaping is crucial for the crystals we work with. A pioneering scientist, Marcel Vogel, studied faceted crystals and their near-field energetics. His work created Vogel Crystals, cut to maximize scalar wave generation by canceling 3D energies. Using light as an example, we can see how it bounces within the crystal's facets, moving down the crystal. Due to refraction, some light goes out of phase with the original beam, canceling itself out and generating scalar energy. This energy can be stored or released into the near field, with cancellation occurring within the crystal's sacred geometry. When we add intent, pulses, or information, this new energy becomes part of the mix, creating a new quantum energy. This quantum energy generates a resonance field that the body can utilize.

Combining pulsed UV lasers, collapsing magnetic fields, and intentions results in powerful energetics within Vogel-style quartz crystals. The UV radiation from the lasers energizes the crystals without harmful effects, while the pulsed magnetic fields' piezo effects further energize the crystals. These combinations positively and lastingly affect the human chakra systems and overall well-being.

If scalar energy is the fuel, then the intention is the engine. Intention propels the holographic nature of 3D reality, creating beliefs that reinforce old intentions. These old intentions are stored in cells, water, crystals, or any blank, sacred geometric structure. Crystals, like the cells in our body, can be programmed, replaying vibrations stored in the DNA. Therefore, it's crucial to clear crystals through your preferred methods. Grasping the pivotal role of crystals in our well-being and health is empowering, offering a beacon of hope in our journey of self-discovery.

What happens when our thoughts interact with a crystal in a nonlinear or quantum manner? This phenomenon is called partial quantum entanglement, where the energy of the thought "locks" into the crystal matrix. Once this occurs, the crystal runs that energy as if it were part of it, regardless of time and space. In reiki, this is known as distant healing. Once a crystal is programmed with intention, scalar waves from 3D radiation or energy can fuel the intention.

As we learn more about quantum physics, we will become more attuned to the arts of subtle energy and overall well-being. Crystals will be seen as more than just pretty, shiny objects; they will become integral to energy work. These small parts of Gaia can help us grow and better understand ourselves and our surroundings.

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